Fighting the Fade

The heart is starting to fade.

I struggle to remember
the nights of too warm or too cold;
  the digital glow of the time
reflecting off your closed eyes;
Captain being the victim
      of so many midnight thefts;
the so-comfortable sound of your breath.

Time is starting to erase
the struggles and victories
   we shared in our privacy.

I prayed that I would never forget,
               now I have to construct time
    to remember.

I'm sorry.

The time I have left
was bought with your tears.
I know that.

Thank you.

Now you are disappearing
like you did that night
as you walked down into
        the belly of Oakland.
I watched you go then.
As if I was the only one afraid
you would never come back.
You did...
    but now
    I know you won't.
Captain misses you so.

We won't forget you.
We will just have to dedicate more effort
  to construct time
    to remember.